The new office...


    The office is going to be small in the number of square feet and in the number of people caring for our patients, but large in access and communication.

    In addition to Dr. Ryan, there are three other people.  Lynne Hugill is the practice administrator.  She has worked with Dr. Ryan since 1992.    Michelle, a medical assistant (MA), moved here from Alaska and gained experience as a medical assistant in the military.  Jessica is the other MA.  She is a recent MA graduate and did her training with Dr. Ryan.  She was so impressive in her externship that she was hired to complete the YFMH staff.

    Even in the staffing, it is a blend of the experienced and the new to have a new and growing family medical home for our patients.


Experienced and fresh,

Older and new... 

Your Family Medical Home is a blend of traditional personal, primary care with the newest & best medical information technology to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art medical care for the entire family.


  1. It is a very small office, with only a very small number of staff, so that our patients receive personal care in a quiet, calm setting.

  2. We focus on keeping our patients well with preventive care for infants, children, teens, adults, and seniors.

  3. Appointment availability is maximized so that those unpredictable problems may be addressed promptly.  There are “same day” appointments every day.

  4. When specialty care is required, a full spectrum of experts is available, usually in the same medical center.

  5. We use technology for its strengths, but we will not let it get in the way of personalized care.

  6. This website ( is available 24 hours per day.

  7. Non-urgent and routine communications (refills, registrations, appointment requests, etc.) will most commonly be through this secure internet mechanism.

  8. We will be soliciting feedback constantly from our patients, as we will want to have the medical home improve and evolve.

  9. We will work to accept most insurances.