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6011 E. Woodmen Road, Suite 305
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

YOUR FAMILY MEDICAL HOME is located at the new St. Francis Medical Center.  This is at the southeast corner of Woodmen Road and Powers Boulevard, on the third floor of Sisters Grove Pavilion.   Sisters Grove Pavilion is attached directly to the hospital at the south end of the complex.  There is plenty of parking, covered on the lower level, right next to the entrance to the building.  Elevators are just inside the door when entering the building and open right at the door to YFMH.

The new location is a return to the northern part of the city for Dr. Ryan, of course, but its location at the intersection of main arteries makes it quickly accessible from anywhere in the city.  It is only about fifteen minutes’ drive from his previous office.  A day’s total driving time may be further reduced by having the hospital, radiology, laboratory, pharmacy, specialist offices, and even a coffee shop on campus.

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